The Original Caliber Reducers & Converters by Vastag

The photo above can be seen two open top guns: a Colt Walker with a .32 caliber converter in place and a 1861 Army with a .22 converter in place.  Both guns are the first variation meaning that the guns stay intact for loading and unloading.  Noe that any of the guns seen in this website need no alteration or cutting in any shape or form whatsoever to receive my converter.  Just drop it in a blackpowder gun than use it and remove it is so desired.  See video below.

The photo above is the first variation for a solid frame Remington with a .22 converter in place.  Video below demonstrates firing indoor .22 caliber with primer loads.

.22 cal Long Rifle Removable Conversion System Kit for Black Powder
Cap and Ball reproducton and replica revolver for recreation and
gallery shooting

This is designed for pleasure shooting, indoors or outdoors. You load the gun
through the a loading gate and unload or remove the empty shells through the
loading gate with a sliding unloading rod.  The gun for loading and unloading
always stays intact, the gun does not need to be taken

gun converters by Vastag