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The Original Caliber Reducers & Converters by Vastag

Michael J. Colitz, Jr.

Registered Patent Attorney

This is Laszlo Vastag and I live in Upstate, NY.  Since 1974, I am a professional tool and die maker/tool and die designer.  I have worked 20 years for Swingline Inc. in Long Island City, NY and in the early 1990s I was awarded several achievement awards for improving dies.  After the company moved I went to work for Alpha Display Co in Bronx, NY and Dyna Empire Aerospace Industry in Garden City, NY.  Presently I work for G.A.L. Manufacturing in Bronx, NY. 

I have read many books among them is A Study of Colt Conversions and Other Percussion Revolvers by R. Bruce McDowell and Metallic Cartridge Conversions by Dennis Adler.  Ever since my childhood I was fascinated and I was admiring Civil War Era percussion revolvers.  I did a lot of shooting with these type of guns.  After a while the enjoyment of shooting turned boring since the black powder shooting is pretty messy and it is time consuming to load them and clean them afterwards to prevent corrosion of the gun.

I just could not give up shooting this type of handsome guns so I come up with my own conversion system suitable for 21st Century needs which is fun shooting.  These days guns no longer are needed strictly for survival like in the past.  Therefore, I utilize them for recreational fun shooting.  Furthermore, everyone in this world is addicted to something.  Somebody is addicted to smoke, liquor, drugs, women, etc.  Myself, I am addicted to guns, in particular to antique, cheap junk guns, mostly breach loading single shot, shotguns with exposed hammer.  I used to buy them freely at gun shows.  After I cleaned and repaired them,  I mounted them on the wall and I just looked at them.  It was very tempting for me to fire those guns but I am not a brave guy having the fear to blow my fingers off.  You see I rather touch things with my fingers rather than with my elbow.  It was puzzling me how to make these guns to fire safe because I got tired of just looking at them.  Reloading ammo for these guns with black powder was not economical and efficient option.

One day I went around all this and I built myself a conversion unit which is a drop in type and I can use it on any of my guns, which ever I am desiring to fire.  None of the revolvers or long arms require alterations, defacing or cutting of the guns to receive any of my converters.  None whatsoever.

gun converters by Vastag